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FIC Partner Profile: Richard Pinchin, Forensic Knowledge Partnership (FKP)

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FIC Partner Profile: Richard Pinchin, Forensic Knowledge Partnership (FKP)

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Creating a Leaner, More Productive Crime Laboratory

As one of the pioneers of forensic DNA analysis in the late 80’s in the U.K., Richard Pinchin, a director of Forensic Knowledge Partnership (FKP), has been at the forefront of forensic science for several decades. But these days he’s not looking at breakthrough new technologies we could apply, but rather how we apply them.

“Since the advent of DNA, agencies have invested an incredible amount of money in technology and equipment,” said Pinchin. “But now it’s all about doing more with what we’ve already got. People are used to buying technology, but few people are looking internally at their processes to find efficiencies.”

Considering the budgetary pressures most law enforcement agencies are currently experiencing, finding and implementing efficiencies may be key to weathering the current crisis. The National Institute of Justice’s recent special report, Strategic Cutback Management: Law Enforcement Leadership for Lean Times, advises law enforcement to “use the crisis to improve management and improve productivity.”

To help identify and eliminate waste in crime laboratories, Pinchin and his business partner, Stephen Burrows developed a framework called Productive Crime Laboratory™. It leverages process-improvement methods applied at the U.K go right here.’s National Health Service (NHS) and puts them to work in the context of a forensic laboratory.

When these efficiencies were implemented at the NHS, the return on investment was eye-popping.

“What we found in healthcare was that there was an eight-fold return on every dollar invested,” said Pinchin.

The Productive Crime Laboratory™ framework employs Lean Methodologies to get dramatically improved productivity from the resources an agency already has on hand. Labs cut out wasteful steps that aren’t adding value so they can be more productive without spending any more money.

In addition to improving the bottom line by implementing Lean processes, laboratories can boost morale, reduce sick days and improve job satisfaction.

As a teaming partner in the Forensic Innovation Center (FIC), FKP provides unique international expertise that can be leveraged to provide Federal, State and local agencies with the capability to reduce backlogs, enhance capacity and reduce turnaround times. Considering the tremendous pressures agencies worldwide are under to provide more with less, FKP’s Productive Crime Laboratory™ model may just be the next innovative leap labs employ to improve operations.

FKP Inc. is a professional services company specializing in forensic science consultancy dedicated to supporting US law enforcement agencies. The Directors of FKP draw on over 40 years of forensic science experience to meet the increasing demand for leading-edge expertise and knowledge in forensic science. FKP Inc. is committed to providing assistance to the expanding US law enforcement sector by acting in partnership with forensic science providers and legislative contacts to solve current and future issues.

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